Lunch Just Tastes Better with a Cold Bottle of Coca-Cola.

Bring the convenience store experience inside of your own building with Viking Coca-Cola. One of the best perks you can offer your employees is easy access to good food. Not every office can be or wants to be in a prime downtown location near the hottest bars and restaurants, so bringing the food to the office? The best perk ever! Micro-markets include a wide variety of options—from snacks to healthy options—with the benefit of automated self-checkout technology so that your employees can stay fueled and inspired all day long.

When you partner with Viking Coca-Cola to bring a wide array of soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, juice, tea, and water and enhanced water to your employees, you also bring a delicious array of food options. We work with First Choice Food and Beverage Solutions to provide you and your employees with the highest quality fresh food and snack options at the touch of a button or swipe of an app.

Let your employees browse an array of coolers and shelves without ever having to leave the building.

What Areas Do We Serve?


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