Has Anyone Ever Sidled Up to the Bar and Ordered a “Jack and the Other Guy”? We Don’t Think So! It’s Jack and Coke All the Way!  

There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling of heading to a new bar to order your favorite drink, a Captain and Coke, or your favorite beer and being told they don’t have it on tap. When you’re told that they do offer your favorite product, it’s is like music to your ears! At Viking Coca-Cola, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we create with our customers, and we know that you do too. That means getting them the products that they really want, from their favorite beers to the latest seltzers.

About 40% of American drinkers name beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage, but if the hoppy concoction isn’t your speed, we provide soft drinks on the gun for your customers to enjoy with all their favorite mixed cocktails. There’s nothing like an ice cold Coors Light and the stats don’t lie: it’s one of the top selling beers in the United States. If a craft beer is more your customers’ speed, we offer a slew of great craft beers. If your customers are requesting a specific favorite brew, we can help you get it to your thirsty customers. Wouldn’t you want to serve the top beers, local brews, and seltzers that everyone loves?

With Viking Coca-Cola, you can count on a quality product and fast and efficient customer and technical reactive service every time!

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