The Faber Family

Viking Coca-Cola is a privately held company, owned by the Faber Family. Each Faber family member – Joe, RoseAnn and Michael – has had a hand in leading Viking Coca-Cola toward success. It all started with Joe Faber’s passion and dedication which became instilled in Michael from the beginning and inspired RoseAnn.

It remains a dedicated family-run establishment that includes the Faber family and extends beyond to all members of the Viking Coca-Cola team including delivery drivers, sales personnel, executive management and our partners.

Joe & Rose Ann Faber

Most who have worked with Viking Coca-Cola credits the company’s success to the groundwork laid by Joe Faber. Joe had a passion for the customer. He was an astute businessman and the proficient salesman. He understood the importance of the people working in the company.

Inspired by his dedication and passion, Rose Ann became involved with Viking Coca-Cola over the years and was prepared to take control when Joe no longer could.

Joe passed his work ethic and devotion on to his son, Michael Faber, who leads and contributes to the operation of Viking Coca-Cola today. The Faber family is rich with heart, vibrancy and commitment to Viking Coca-Cola and its success.

Our Leaders

Our leadership remains focused on the promise and ideals of Coca-Cola and its brands, while continually adapting our ability to deliver on that promise as our customers and our world change.

Michael Faber


Eric Sweerin

Chief Financial Officer

Don Popowski

Vice President of Finance

Darin Carlson

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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