Whether your customers are shopping for the big game, a birthday party, Friday night movie night, or their Diet Coke fix for the week, you want your customers to come in and find the products they want. They shouldn’t have to settle for the soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, or enhanced water they don’t truly want, or worse, bring their business to a different store. Keep our delicious products stocked year-round so your customers can always access their favorite Viking Coca-Cola products at their favorite grocery store.



Imagine this: you go to a new burger bar and your server comes to take your order. You order a Diet Coke, and she says, “Is Diet Pepsi okay?” You grumble, “That’s fine” or maybe you decide to sip on water instead. But either way, you aren’t satisfied and you’re left with a bad taste in your mouth and a meal that isn’t quite as enjoyable. For many customers, only a Coke or Diet Coke will do. Make sure you partner with Viking Coca-Cola to give your customers the product they want.


Convenience Store

No road trip is complete without an ice cold Coca-Cola sitting in the cup holder. If your trip to the convenience store during a road trip doesn’t result in a giant bag full of chips, sodas, chocolate, and candy, is it even a road trip?


Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks! Nothing goes better with your favorite outdoor activity than an ice-cold Coca-Cola!


 We’re your hands-on delivery experts so that you don’t have to be. Your vending machines are innovative, intuitive systems. Make sure you’re matching them by keeping your vending machines stocked with the products your customers desire most—whether it’s old favorites like Coca-Cola or newly launched Viking Coca-Cola products.



Bring the convenience store experience inside of your own building with Viking Coca-Cola. One of the best perks you can offer your employees is easy access to good food. Not every office can be or wants to be in a prime downtown location near the hottest bars and restaurants, so bringing the food to the office? The best perk ever! Micro-markets include a wide variety of options—from snacks to healthy options—with the benefit of automated self-checkout technology so that your employees can stay fueled and inspired all day long.

Bars & Taverns

There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling of heading to a new bar to order your favorite drink, a Captain and Coke, or your favorite beer and being told they don’t have it on tap. When you’re told that they do offer your favorite product, it’s is like music to your ears! At Viking Coca-Cola, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we create with our customers, and we know that you do too. That means getting them the products that they really want, from their favorite beers to the latest seltzers.


We believe a refreshing Viking Coca-Cola beverage should always be right at your fingertips. Let's make that happen! Contact us today by filling out the form below.