About Viking Coca-Cola

Founded in 1952, Viking Coca-Cola is one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the United States.  We bottle, can, and distribute Coca-Cola products to over one-million people.  Headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Viking Coca-Cola has eleven branches throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Viking Coca-Cola is a privately held company, owned by the Faber family.

The Faber family journey to ownership started with Joe in 1966, when he began as a route-driving salesmen. He fully immersed himself in the business and became sole owner in 1994; his wife, Rose Ann and son Michael became involved along the way. Today Joe's tradition and passion live on as Michael leads the development and success of Viking Coca-Cola through ownership and management.

We have evolved with the beverage industry to provide refreshments which include carbonated soft drinks, sports drinks, enhanced water, tea, juice, bottled water, energy drinks, coffee, iced coffee, slushies' and more.  In addition to Viking Coca-Cola, we operate 2 other companies which enhance our product offering and services: