Viking Coca-Cola Mission, Vision & Values



We are committed to the principle that every beverage matters. We carry out our mission by delivering our diverse product portfolio to the people we serve for the purpose of enjoyment in their lives. Our purpose is to make a difference with our beverages. Our success is measured by the happiness of all who benefit from the solutions and beverages we provide.


We aim to earn and sustain valuable partnerships with the people we serve through trust, reliability, and engagement. Our vision guides our team’s behaviors and decision-making for the benefit of the consumers, customers, and communities we serve. Our intent is to be the first choice for refreshment solutions because we conduct our business through delivering value, the right way, to all stakeholders.


We value heart, vibrancy, and horizon.

Integrity: Genuine people with honest intent

Passion: Enthusiastic belief in our brands and services

Quality: Excellence in our products, our services, and ourselves

Service: Dedication to timely and competent action

Collaboration: Maximize resources and learn through partnership

Energy: Initiate creativity, optimism, excitement, and fun

Leadership: Demonstrate initiative, motivation, and inspiration

Improvement: Engage, listen, and learn to continuously achieve desired objectives

Sustainability: Responsible use of materials and resources for a better tomorrow

Diversity: As comprehensive as our portfolio of products

What Areas Do We Serve?


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