Viking Coke Mission, Vision & Values


Viking Coca-Cola's mission is to play a vital role in assisting our customers, consumers and employees in surpassing their individual optimism of the future through inspiration, innovation, service and making a difference with our refreshments.  Our mission is driven by heart-filled action and our success is measured by the happiness of all who benefit from the solutions and beverages we provide. 


Our vision guides our team’s behaviors and decision making for the benefit of the consumers, customers and communities we serve.  We seek mutually beneficial solutions motivated by win-win decision making.  Our intent is to be the first choice for refreshment solutions because we conduct our business through delivering value, the right way, to all stakeholders. 


Integrity:           Genuine people with honest intent

Service:             Acting with urgency, follow through and competence 

Passion:            Enthusiastic and compelling belief in our products and services

Energy:              Initiating creativity, optimism, excitement and fun

Leadership:        Innovative and inspiring solutions for a vibrant future

Collaboration:     Leveraging collective intellect

Improvement:     Listening, observing, thinking, learning and being better

Quality:              It’s what we are and what we deliver

Diversity:            As comprehensive as our portfolio of products