Tracy Area High School

12th Grade


Athletic Involvement:

National Honor Society; 11, 12 Tracy Area High School Academic – High School letter winner; 11; Peer Tutor; 11; Choir; 9, 10, 11, 12; Football; 9,10,11,12; High School letter winner (9,10,11,12); Leadership Team (10), Co-Captain (12), Southwest All District Award – Football (11, 12), Southwest District All East Sub District team – Football (12) Southwest All District Academic Team Award – Football; 11, 12 Basketball; 9,10,11,12; High School letter winner (10,11) Baseball; 9,10,11,12; High School letter winner (9,10,11,12), Camden Conference Baseball team member (11) Tracy MN VFW Post 871 Baseball Team Member; 9,10; VFW All Star baseball Tracy MN Legion Post 173 Baseball Team Member; 10,11 Honor Roll; 9,10,11,12 Outstanding Student Achiever Award; 10

Extracurricular School Activities/Community Involvement:

Big Buddies; 10,11,12 Southwest Slam AAU (Amateur Athletic Association) Member; 10 Milroy Irish Amateur Baseball Team Member; 10,11; Vacation Bible School Youth Leader; 10 Youth Football Practice assistant; 9,10,11,12 Youth Basketball Practice assistant; 9,10,11 Youth Baseball Practice assistant; 9,10,11 Community Service Cleanup Day; 9,10,11 Food Shelter server (The Banquet in Sioux Falls, SD); 9,10,11 Church-related service hours – participated in church cleaning, mass coffee/roll server, stations of the cross leader, food stand worker; 9,10,11,12

I am pleased to be able to write a nomination letter for Konnor Zick. It has been my fortune to have been his High School Baseball Coach for the past 4 years. Please consider the following information regarding Konnor:

• He comes from a very supportive and nurturing family that has high expectations, but unconditional support.
• He has well-established values and goals that he does not compromise, a reflection of his strong family background.
• Konnor is a delightful person, consistently pleasant, cheerful, fun, organized, and motivated. His optimism and positive approach to life is very contagious.
• Konnor gets along well with all kinds of students and adults. He is unbiased and non-judgmental in his dealings with others.
• One of the traits a coach and teacher is most appreciative and respectful of, is his student’s dedication and drive, of which Konnor possesses in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Konnor will put forth his best effort in every practice and every event, something a coach cannot teach and he is very much respected for that.

I am confident Konnor will be very successful at whatever he attempts in life. I would encourage you to consider Konnor Zick for the Powerade Athlete of the Year.