As recognizable as the Lift Bridge or Split Rock Light House, Coca-Cola is a brand loved by all and consumed by many. With an energetic and vibrant team of Coca-Cola Ambassadors, Coca-Cola Beverages of Duluth is your family owned business that provides you with quality product and service. Coca-Cola Beverages of Duluth is a Coca-Cola distributor based out of Duluth, Minnesota and Ashland, Wisconsin.

Coca-Cola Beverages of Duluth is a subsidiary of Viking Coca-Cola in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Owned and operated by the Faber Family, Viking Coca-Cola was founded in 1952 and has become one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the United States, distributing Coca-Cola products to over one and a half million people across thirteen branches.

As a partner of the Coca-Cola Company, we continue to grow with the brand and we will continue to grow with you.

What Areas Do We Serve?

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As part of our ongoing effort to develop and strengthen our relationships and connection with consumers, customers and team members we invite you to contact us directly with any questions, comments or concerns. We are here to make sure your experience with Viking Coca-Cola is pleasant, worry-free and enjoyable.