Viking Coca-Cola Waters

Energizing your life with over 400 soft drinks!
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  • Chippewa


    Complete your to-do list by staying hydrated with Chippewa spring water. Pure, premium water that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

  • Dasani


    Pure, crisp DASANI delivers fresh taste with a clean, fresh style. All Dasani bottles are made of up to 30% plant material.

  • Mendota Springs

    Mendota Springs®

    Sparkling water at its finest. This carbonated beverage offers refreshing satisfaction in lime, lemon and other flavors.

  • Smartwater


    Glacéau Smartwater is crafted to mimic the way Mother Nature makes water. We take it one step further to add electrolytes for a clean crisp taste.

  • Vitaminwater


    Water, better. Your day, better. Drink Vitaminwater for improved benefits and an enhanced afternoon. Vitaminwater features the added benefit of water; simple but brilliant.

  • Vitaminwater Zero

    Vitaminwater Zero®

    Same great taste and benefits as Vitaminwater, but without the calories.

  • Dasani Sparkling

    Dasani Sparkling®

    A delicious way to add refreshment to your day, DASANI® Sparkling is unsweetened with no artificial flavors and zero calories.

  • Schweppes Seltzer

    Schweppes Seltzer®

    The best in water with a bubbly refreshing effervescence. An crisp alternative to sweetened soft drinks, it contains no sweeteners and is naturally flavored.

  • Minute Maid Sparkling

    Minute Maid Sparkling®

    You’ve never had juice like this before. Minute Maid Sparkling has the fruit flavors you love in a low-calorie sparkling beverage that’s one of a kind.