The Ultimate Guide to Mocktails: Coca-Cola Soda Bar

February 2, 2017

Welcome back!

I’m excited to share with you another one of my favorite Big Game Refreshment plays! This one is perfect for the Coca-Cola lover in all of us.

A Coca-Cola Soda Bar is a must have to complete your Big Game festivities. It allows your guests to have options and come up with flavors that are perfect for them! It also takes a lot of weight off your shoulders trying to please everyone.




You’re soda bar can be created to your liking but here’s a few must haves:

  • Coca-Cola in your favorite flavors
  • Flavored Syrups - vanilla, cherry, etc. 
  • Garnishes - cherries, limes, lemon etc. 
  • Ice 
  • Glasses and straw


EXTRA POINT: Add Ice Cream to your soda bar and let guests turn their drink into a Coke Float!

A Coca-Cola Soda Bar is an easy and sure fire way to be the winner of the Big Game! I hope your party goers enjoy this fun twist on a classic as much as I do!

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Images and original idea found at Crafted Sparrow.

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